Episode 9

Quantifying Epigenetic Modifiers with Mass Spectrometry, with Moritz Voelker-Albert of EpiQMAx

Epigenetics is the study of the changes that occur on top of the DNA without changing the genome sequence. These still affect the expression of our genes, and thereby shape our phenotype. Like the genome, epigenetic traits can be inherited. But unlike the genes, epigenetic traits are flexible and can be lost or regained and are influenced by our lifestyle. This makes them a tantalizing pharmaceutical target.

EpiQMAx is a spin-out from LMU University based on an idea from Prof. Axel Imhof, Dr. Moritz Voelker-Albert and Dr. Victor Solis who have worked in the Histone Modifications group at the BioMedical Center in Munich. Backed up by their knowledge and experience on mass spectrometry and epigenetic modifications, their goal is to contribute to the development of epigenetic drugs, together with the pharmaceutical industry.

In this episode of BioInnovation Spotlight, we talk to Moritz Voelker-Albert about how EpiQMAx came about, how epigenetics can be used to inform us on our health, and his future plans for the company.

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