Episode 8

Bioinformatics for Exploring Neoantigens with Cedric Bogaert of MyNEO

Neoantigens are new proteins that form on cancer cells when certain mutations occur in tumour DNA. These proteins may play an important role in helping the body make an immune response against cancer cells.

MyNEO has developed a bioinformatic platform for identifying, exploring and validating alterations leading to neoantigens on cell surfaces which can be used in personalised immunotherapy and target discovery applications, as well as diagnosis and prognosis of patients. 

In this episode of BioInnovation Spotlight @ LifeScience ORG, we speak to MyNEO founder Cedric Bogaert and discuss his vision to transform personalised immunotherapy for cancer as well as help researchers discover new targets and aid in clinical diagnosis.

The myNEO technology has been in development since 2017. In late 2018, the platform was incorporated into the myNEO company by Novalis Biotech Incubation.

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