Episode 15

Developing Diagnostic Decision Tools for IVF Clinicians with Dr Ana Lobato Pascual of IVF Fit

In-vitro fertilisation is a costly treatment involving a long patient journey where patients must receive regular injections of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). The dosage of FSH is critical to treatment success - too much or too little can result in failure. Currently, the method for calculating each patient dose varies between clinics, with no clear standard or objective diagnostic tool.

IVF Fit was founded by Dr Ana Lobato Pascual from the University of Oslo, where she and her clinical research group developed a blood test to help accurately inform how much FSH should be administered to a patient based on biomarkers. This personalised approach to IVF treatment resulted in OptimOva®, a diagnostic decision-making tool for clinicians.

Ana shares her story and the journey of IVF Fit so far. IVF Fit is supported by Innovation Norway and SPARK Norway.

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